qbc - Calculator based on bc for Maemo5 / Nokia N900

Table of Contents

1. Overview

qbc is a graphical frontend for GNU bc, the arbitrary precision numeric processing language. The user interface is specifically designed for the Nokia N900 smartphone to use as a pocket calculator.


Supports all the features and language elements of GNU bc, for example:

qbc contains the following gui related extra features:

2. Usage

Start qbc, type your expression and press Enter (screen button or hw key). Read the user manual of bc for more info at http://www.gnu.org/software/bc/manual/bc.html.

3. Screenshots

4. Download

The easy way to install qbc is to use the package manager on your phone. At the time of writing qbc packages are available in the maemo5 extras-testing and extras-devel repositories.

You can download the Maemo5 (ARM) package at garage page too.

The source code will be available in the garage SCM.

5. Support

Please report bugs and wishes at the garage bugtracker.